USA Cheer Compliant Cheer Remixes

A Cheer Remix is a remix of one main song which is made specifically for Cheer, Dance, Pom etc.

A USA Cheer Compliant Cheer Remix includes a Single Organization Use license meaning that the licensee may use the content of the downloadable product for multiple teams in the same organization i.e., the same school (e.g. jv and varsity team), recreation team (e.g. pee wee and mitey mites ) or all star program (e.g. junior and senior team). If your friend from a team in another organization wants to use the mix, they must purchase their own copy.

This file will download as a zip file which must first be saved to your computer (not phone or ipad). The zip file must be unzipped or extracted or expanded in order to get out the mp3 file(s). The license is inside the zip file as well.

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