Custom Voice Overs

- Voiceovers are priced in 8 count units (lists will be rounded up to the next nearest 8 count)

- School, gym or team names and mascots are considered at least 4 counts as these voiceovers are offered in more styles than raps or sung vocals. For example 'Let's Go Big Red' is considered a 4 count however 'Central Dauphin Caped Crusaders' is considered an 8 count due to the content and the number of takes which will be delivered

- Individual letters used when spelling out a word or initials are considered 2 counts per letter

- Spellings should be designated as such by using hyphens when typed, e.g., C-D-H-S

- For best results, list voiceovers on an 8 count sheet. You can download our 8 count sheet under the information block on the left side of the home page

- Special instructions may be given in parentheses, e.g., (whisper, yell, deep, sassy, etc.)

- Any specific cadences for raps and cheers need to be submitted either as an 8 count sheet or emailed mp3 or voicemail at 702-900-6781

- If you want the voiceovers put into a mix, there is an insertion fee.

- Standard turn around time is usually 5 business days unless otherwise noted (weekends and holidays are not business days)

- Delivery is either via WeTransfer for wav files or via email for mp3 files @320 kbps.


- Don't fill out order on this page; click on the product name you want and fill out on it's own product page.

- List Voiceovers (one per line).

- Choose delivery time. PLEASE EMAIL cheermusicclub@gmail.com before placing a same day rush order to see if it's feasible

- Add up number of 8 counts. Enter the number of 8 counts. If your own 8 count calculation is incorrect, we will let you know. Then we will and either send you an invoice for the balance or issue you a refund or credit depending on your response.

- Alternatively, you can email your voiceover list to cheermusicclub@gmail.com for a quote.

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Bring It On Male Voiceovers by Mark 'B-Fresh' Bryan

Price: $15.00

970 item(s)
Classic and Traditional!

Mark's "Let's Go" is probably the most used voiceover in cheerleading!

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