Pre-Made Mix 101

Pre-Made Mixes are offered in different forms.

Most of our mixes use standard components. You can search by these terms. There are exceptions to these standards but these will apply about 90% of the time.
- Lengths are given in both time and 8 counts. Here are common lengths:
-- :30, :45, :60 or 1:00, :75 or 1:15, :90 or 1:30, 2:00, 2:15, 2:30
-- 8-8C, 12-8C, 16-8C, 22-8C, 26-8C, 44-8C
- Tempos are given in beats per minute or BPM. Here are common tempos:
-- 128 (slow), 133 and 137 (medium), 144 (fast), 155 and 160 where the original song is that fast.

Cheer Remixes are cheer and dance remixes of one main song.
- They are located in the Cheer Remix section of the Club.
- More often than not, they are sold as Track Packs, which is a bundle of 2 or more versions of the same mix. If you only need one mix you still have to buy the entire Track Pack. Even if you only bought one of the mixes, it would cost the same as the entire Track Pack.
- You can now listen to each individual mix in a Track Pack.
- New Track Packs are offered at different tempos. Make sure you get the tempo you want as you cannot exchange them after purchase.
- Cheer Remixes may be used to create customized competition mixes which is a service we offer.

Megamixes are medleys of Cheer Remixes

Competition Mixes are intended to be used for competitions. They can be customized by having voice-overs and sfx added to them.