About Cheer Music Club

Cheer Music Club is intended for people who are affiliated with cheer and dance teams which perform live in approved venues and need specialized mixes to accompany their performances.

Cheer Music Club provides music mixing products and services to enhance live performances of cheer and dance teams.

Cheer Music Club serves as a portal between music mixers and live performances. The Club is a conglomerate organization bringing together some of the biggest names in cheer music under one umbrella.

Cheer and dance performers need highly specialized music mixes to enhance their live performances. This music is extremely difficult to obtain and can be very costly. Cheer Music Club seeks to accommodate performers with these unique music mixes by connecting them with the right industry professional mixes.

The Cheer Music Club Mixing Service is the conduit between the producer and the performer.

Pre-made mixes obtained from the Cheer Music Club are purchased and downloaded LEGALLY!