About Cheer Music Club

Mark Bryan's Cheer Music Club replaced the famous Cheer Music Store (CMS). Mark is renowned in the cheer world for his Clovers and Toros mixes featured in the original 2000 hit film 'Bring It On' as well as for his work with top All Star teams. He is largely responsible for creating the PreMade mix market for cheer music as well as establishing the 'Cheer Remix' as a genre of music. Mark also taught others how to mix cheer music via Cheer Music School and is widely known for his DIY Toolz; Beats, Builds, SFX & PreMade Vocals to assist other music editors and producers with their mixes.

I make custom Cheer mixes for all levels of Cheer; Rec, Schools, All Star, College
I make custom Dance mixes, both Hip Hop and Pom, for all levels.
Custom mixes may be original content or utilize popular song covers or a combination of both. The more original material, the more expensive.
Listen to some of our custom mixes on Soundcloud.

The PreMade Mixes with Popular Songs will be purchased and delivered via a 3rd party website; Power Music Cheer.

Your USA Cheer license will come directly from them as well. They are a USA Cheer Preferred Provider as is Cheer Music Club.

Click on the Shopping Cart in the Upper Right Corner of the Soundcloud Sample to be taken directly to the order page for that mix. Select the Length you want. Customizations for voice-overs and Sound Effects (SFX) may be ordered during check out or at a later time. You will be able to download the mix 'as is' immediately even if you order customizations to be delivered at a later time.

PreMade Mix Pricing:

- 2:30 $95
- 2:00 $85
- 1:30 continuous $75
- 1:30 split into 2 parts $75
- 1:00 $65
- Change one, two or even three songs in the mix with songs of your choice using the 'Song Swap' feature starting at $50
- Add Voice-Overs to your mix starting at $50
- Add Sound Effects (SFX) starting at $50


Mark Bryan

email: cheermusicclub@gmail.com
voicemail: 702-900-6781