CM4U x Fatz Freeman - I Got That Work Done - 2:00 - 34-8C @ 141 bpm

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Price: $25.00

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This is a Cheer Music4U Licensed Mix.
Length: 2:30
Tempo: 148 bpm

The purchase of this mix includes the license(s) granted by the copyright owner(s) allowing you to use this mix in your live cheer and dance performance routines.
This mix may be used for any noncommercial live performance which requires original or license free or properly licensed music.
This mix is sanctioned for use in any competition following USA Cheer Music Guidelines.

This mix will be put into your Cheer Music Club cart.

The sample is a low quality mp3 file encoded @ 64kbps. The purchased mix is a high quality mp3 file encoded @ 320kbps.