Beats, Builds & SFX 2016 USA Cheer Compliant

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Price: $249.00

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This is the motherload! 2500 USA Cheer Compliant Beats, Build & SFX for use in your customized cheer and dance mixes which will accompany live performances at USA Cheer sanctioned events. A license is included with the download.

These are the bedrock Beats, Builds & SFX of the cheer music phenomena that has been going on for the past two decades.

The audio sample here is very short. To hear more of the material contained herein, please visit our Soundcloud page where you can listen to samples from the 49 sample packs that were used in making this compilation!

This is a limited time offer to bring everyone into compliance.

The zip download is 2 gb and contains 2500 wav files properly labeled and looped.

- 800 Beats & Fills
- 700 Builds & Rolls
- 1000 SFX & SFX Sequences