B-Fresh - Hands In The Air - Producer Pack

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Price: $20.00

this product is electronically distributed

A Producer Pack includes all of the files found in the corresponding Track Pack plus additional files for music mixers and editors such as instrumentals and acapellas. All files in a Producer Pack are wav files. A Producer Pack includes a multi-use license.

Files included which are exclusive to the Producer Pack:

2:30 (44-8C@144BPM) cheer remix instrumental
1:30 (26-8C@144BPM) cheer remix NO SFX

Mixes included from the corresponding Track Pack:

2:30 (44-8C@144BPM) cheer remix
1:30 (26-8C@144BPM) cheer remix
1:00 (16-8C@144BPM) cheer remix
:45 (12-8C@144BPM) cheer remix
:30 (8-8C@144BPM) cheer remix a :30 (8-8C@144BPM) cheer remix b

Listen to the Track Pack mixes here.

This product will be put into your Cheer Music Club cart. This product will download as a zip file which must first be saved to your computer (not phone or ipad). The zip file must be unzipped [extracted, expanded] in order to get out the wav files. The included license is inside the zip file as well.